Range of services – pollutant analysis by GSA Ratingen

GSA offers sampling, analysis and determination of dust, dust components, fibres and cooling lubricants as well as formaldehyde in interiors, at the workplace or in outside air.

Additionally, we consult our customers in all questions concerning hazardous materials.

Overview of our services:

Sampling, analysis and assessment of:

  • alveolar dust
  • respirable dust
  • wood dust
  • particulate diesel engine emissions
  • polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) with benzopyren
  • silicogenic dust
  • talcum
  • chromium (VI) compounds
  • asbestos
  • artificial mineral fibres
  • organic and inorganic fibres
  • cooling lubricants
  • formaldehyde and other aldehydes
  • risk assessment of potentially hazardous situations
  • support in the defence against hazardous situations
  • support in removing harmful substances
  • consulting in all questions concerning harmful substances
  • ...