Determination of fibres

  • measurement of inorganic fibrous particles according to VDI 3492
  • determination of alveolar asbestos fibres and other inorganic fibres using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) according to BGI 505-46
  • determination of alveolar fibres using an optical microscope according to BGI 505-31
  • determination of organic fibres by SEM-EDX method according to BGIA 7486
  • determination of low asbestos content in powders and dusts using SEM according to BGIA 7487
  • determination of asbestos in technical products according to VDI 3866
  • measurement of settled fibrous dusts on surfaces according to 3877
  • determination of asbestos using transmission electron microscopy according to DIN/EN/ISO 10312
  • determination of the carcinogenicity index of amorphous mineral fibres using the scanning electron microscope