Dear customer,

COVID-19 makes us to accept an unprecedent challenge. We still continue our service with a combination of 2-shift-work and increased home office to continue being available for you! 

Take the opportunity of empty offices and working places for discreet measurements in places of work and indoors to meter asbestos, A-dust, E-dust and more.

Due to our 30+ years' experience with hazardous substances, our colleagues are trained in the use of appropriate protective measures, as FFP3-respirators or high-quality protective suits. 
With it we and our customers are protected during sampling procedures against hazardous substances and coronavirus.
Stay healthy! 

Yours sincerely,
Your team of GSA Gesellschaft für Schadstoffanalytik mbH

Please call us:  +49 2102 942730

GSA - pollutant experts

Experts for pollutant

consultation in all questions concerning harmful substances

sampling of possibly contaminated material

analysis and determination of harmful substances.

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Services GSA-Ratingen

Sampling, analysis and assessment of:

  • alveolar dust
  • asbestos
  • silicogenic dust
  • formaldehyde and other aldehydes
  • ...

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