GSA Ratingen – specialists for pollutant analysis

All GSA partners were formerly employees of the Neusser Gesellschaft für Staubmesstechnik und Auftragsanalytik GmbH, which withdrew from the business sector analytics in August 2005.

GSA offers its qualified and individualised services in the field of indoor pollution primarily to businesses in the health care and emission protection sector, to real estate agents, architects, facility and real estate management, home owners and tenants.

GSA range of services

Our services include:

  • consultation in all questions concerning harmful substances
  • sampling of possibly contaminated material
  • analysis and determination of harmful substances.

GSA participation in panels and committees

GSA specialists are active members of the following organisations:

  • Fachbereich IV in der Kommission Reinhaltung der Luft im VDI und DIN (department IV within the Clean Air Committee of the Association of German Engineers and DIN)
    • measuring inorganic fibrous particles
    • mirror committee of ISO/ TC 146/ SC 6/ WG 4